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What to do if someone steals your song

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2024 | Entertainment Law |

As a musician, it is never okay for someone else to claim your work. Nevertheless, some people may take your compositions and use them as their own.

Someone stealing your music can be devastating, emotionally and financially. Correcting this wrong requires action.

Gather evidence

Since you must prove you are the creator, begin by collecting as much documentation as possible. Compile any original recordings or date-stamped files of the song. Also, compile emails and text messages about the origins and sharing of the tune.

Speak with the offender

Sometimes, reaching out to the individual using your song without permission can resolve the issue faster than you might anticipate. A simple conversation explaining the situation and politely asking the person to take down the track might suffice.

Use copyright disputing tools

Many online platforms have copyright dispute processes in place. If someone posts your ditty on one, you can file a copyright infringement claim through built-in support centers. These services then perform investigations and remove content they find violates copyright laws.

Protect your music

To prevent future theft, register your song with a copyright office. This provides legal evidence of ownership and can significantly strengthen your case should another dispute arise. Also, use watermarks and release only low-quality versions over the internet to deter thieves.

Educate yourself

Understanding the basics of copyright and entertainment law can help you navigate these types of situations more effectively. Plus, knowing your rights is highly empowering.

Having someone steal your song remains an unsettling experience, but you have several avenues to address the issue, including threatening a lawsuit. After all, you are the only one who deserves to profit from your musical talents.