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Entrust Your Legal Dispute To Our Trial-Tested Lawyers

For many, a lawsuit is a daunting proposition. For Smith McDowell & Powell, A Law Corporation, it’s what we do. From initial demands and pleadings, to law and motion, discovery and adjudication, the attorneys at SMP relish the opportunity to zealously represent clients in all of the state and federal courts of California.

Our proven success in civil litigation comes from diverse experience, creative thinking and a commitment to outwork the other side. SMP’s attorneys have procured seven-figure verdicts in the courtrooms and arbitration halls of California, and implemented legal strategies that have protected other clients from similar liabilities.

Civil Litigation Is Broad In Scope, But We Have The Experience For It

Any legal dispute that isn’t criminal in nature falls under the umbrella of civil litigation. No law firm can claim to have tried legal disputes in all areas of law, but our litigation experience is diverse. Here are just some of the kinds of legal issues we have handled:

  • Business disputes (unfair competition and other torts, partnership/shareholder disputes, etc.)
  • Intellectual property violations/infringements and enforcement
  • Breaches of contract
  • Entertainment law issues (licensing, copyright, contracts, etc.)
  • Employment law matters (employee misclassification, wage/hour compliance, wrongful termination, etc.)
  • Construction lawsuits (defects, delay claims, payment disputes, negligence)
  • Real estate issues (partition, boundary disputes, quiet title, zoning, land use, etc.)

Our firm is composed of many skilled and experienced attorneys. No matter your legal issue, chances are good that we have helped other clients with similar matters in the past.

Trial, Mediation And Arbitration: What’s The Difference?

Litigation is the term used to describe a legal dispute. Because going to trial is the best-known method for resolving a dispute, litigation and trial are often used interchangeably. By way of brief explanation, going to trial involves both parties presenting their case to a judge or jury, who ultimately decide the outcome.

Arbitration is similar to trial, but it occurs privately (outside the courtroom), and final/binding decisions are issued by an arbitrator or small group of arbitrators. The arbitrators are often chosen by agreement between the two parties in the dispute. This method, while similar to trial, can result in a faster resolution, out of public view, and is typically less expensive than trial.

Mediation is unique among these three options. Rather than making decisions and issuing rulings, a mediator serves as a neutral third party whose job is to facilitate negotiation between the two parties in dispute. Typically, cases involve a single mediator, and each side can confer with their own attorneys. The process is nonbinding, but if an agreement is reached, it will be formalized in writing.

Whether arbitration, mediation or trial is most appropriate in your case, SMP will candidly and effectively guide you through the litigation process while doing everything possible to secure you a successful result.

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