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What should employers know before letting someone go?

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2022 | Employment Law |

One of the most difficult things to do as an employer is to let someone go, whether they are fired due to their behavior or laid off due to economic conditions. It is important that managers take certain steps in case they have to later prove that the action toward the employee was valid.

Here are a few things that employers in California should know before letting someone go.

Give the employee opportunities

It is advisable to give the current employee a chance to improve before considering letting them go. It is costly to recruit and train a new employee, so it is often more efficient to give someone resources to improve a deterioration of discipline or knowledge. Sometimes this works, but ultimately, sometimes it does not. Note that giving an employee a second chance may not always be an option for a company, especially in cases of a severe infraction by the employee or the need to downsize.

Keep detailed documentation

It is imperative that an employer document all reasons for letting someone go. This helps to protect the employer from any accusations that they let a worker go for nefarious reasons. If there were any attempts to help the employee improve, document those as well.

Avoid a surprise

It is best for both parties if this devastating news does not come as a surprise. For example, if it is possible, do things such as let your staff know that the company is considering making budget cuts.

Knowing how to let employees go helps prevent legal hassles such as wrongful termination claims down the road.