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California’s New Regulations Regarding Sick Leave

| Nov 12, 2014 | Firm News |

California’s New Regulations Regarding Sick Leave

On September 10, 2014, California Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 1522, which extends sick leave benefits to millions of California workers. As a result, employers should be aware of the following:

1) Beginning July 1, 2015, California employees will start accruing paid time off at a rate of one hour of sick leave per 30 hours worked, up to a minimum of three days, or 24 hours, per year;

2) Employers must include information regarding the amount of sick leave available on each employee’s paystub or on an attached document;

3) Employers must comply with additional notice requirements upon hiring new employees;

4) Employers may be penalized for firing or demoting employees within 30 days of a sick leave dispute filed with the Labor Commissioner; and

5) Compensation for unused sick pay accrued pursuant AB 1522 is generally not required after termination.

Although these changes do not take effect until July 2015, it would be prudent to take appropriate steps to prepare. The attorneys at Smith, McDowell & Powell are experienced in employment law and can assist with compliance. In fact, if you need help regarding safe employment practices, wage and hour issues, preparation of employee handbooks and/or policies, employment agreements, general counsel, or representation in an employment dispute, please do not hesitate to contact our office.