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Powell Moderates West Sacramento Candidates’ Forum

| Oct 5, 2012 | Firm News |

Each election year, the candidates running for West Sacramento City Council and School Board are asked to participate in a forum to state their platform and engage in a civil discussion regarding the issues affecting West Sacramento.  As usual, many influential West Sacramento community leaders were present this year including current Vice Mayor Oscar Villegas, Council Member William “Bill” Kristoff, and Oleg E. Maskaev, a new candidate, for City Council, as well as Alicia Cruz, Roy Sianez and Katie Villegas for School Board.

SMP attorney, Jaclyn Powell, was asked to moderate the televised forum as an unbiased West Sacramento resident and business owner, as well as someone who could think on her feet in case the forum got contentious as it had in prior years.  She was given three full hours to ask the participants about their platforms, key issues affecting West Sacramento, as well as their plans for the future. While this year’s election is surely not as combative as it has been in previous years, the event provided an open forum to allow all candidates an opportunity to discuss the current changes in the city, how West Sacramento should handle the economic crisis, and future development.  Further, as has been covered extensively in the Sacramento media, there are 7 candidates running for School Board, but only 3 available positions.  The forum provided the public an opportunity to actually meet three of the candidates for School Board, all of which are new candidates and not currently on the Board.

For those West Sacramento voters interested in watching the forum, they can turn to Channel 20 to catch reruns. Voters can also read more about the elections here: