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Oscar-Worthy Suits

  Smith, McDowell & Powell   Feb 20, 2015   Blog   Comments Off on Oscar-Worthy Suits

Oscar-Worthy Suits

This Sunday, as you grab your popcorn and head to the sofa to admire the glamour of Hollywood play out at the 87th Annual Academy Awards, keep in mind that Oscar winners are not only guaranteed record box-office-earnings for years to come, but are more likely to be involved in serious litigation, as well. There seems to be no greater stage for Intellectual Property and Copyright Disputes than in Hollywood; with the allure of big studio dollars and the inevitable existence of similar ideas, the simple act of having a well-drawn contract with specific language is what offers the most protection. Though your company may not employ Meryl Streep or Benedict Cumberbatch, you should also have properly drafted contracts in place to protect yourself from those box-office-sized lawsuits, so keep in mind our attorneys are here to answer any questions you may have!

For an entertaining read on some of the most popular Oscar-worthy suits of all time, see this article published by Trademark and Copyright Law Blog.

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