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National Small Business Week

  Smith, McDowell & Powell   May 04, 2016   Blog   Comments Off on National Small Business Week


National Small Business Week



           Every day seems to be a national-day-of-something; from National Puppy Day to National Star Wars Day (may the “fourth” be with you by the way), the trend of designating days of celebration is not only fun, but also brings attention to celebrating important aspects of our national community. This week is National Small Business Week, wherein small businesses across the nation are celebrated as being critical to driving our economy.   Clearly, the best way to celebrate a small business is to be a customer, so why not tie in the other days of celebration occurring this week and purchase a gift card for a teacher at one of the locally owned coffee-shops like Insight Coffee Roasters, or a box of delicious Ginger Elizabeth macarons for your mother this Sunday.  According to the annual Presidential Proclamation for National Small Business Week, nearly two-thirds of new jobs and more than half of all Americans are employed by or own a small business.  Coincidentally, it just so happens that this week also marks the fourth anniversary for Smith, McDowell & Powell and what better way to celebrate than continuing our daily efforts to support other small business owners.   So this week, take your shopping list to the small store on the corner, skip the chain-restaurants and opt for Mother’s Day brunch at a small locally owned bistro.  You’ll not only be supporting small businesses, but you may find a new favorite location for National Going to Brunch Day. For more ideas on locally-owned businesses, you can check out the list of the semi-finalists for the Calling All Dreamer’s Contest, from custom-made furniture to home-made ice cream, these Sacramento entrepreneurs have any gift or upcoming fun family excursion covered.


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